Fishman Loudbox Artist Review 2021

Fishman Loudbox Artist Review. A compact, yet powerful acoustic amp, the fishman loudbox mini is a fantastic amp for practice and small venue performances. After years of lugging big heavy amps around it was nice to have something that was small and sounded good.

fishman loudbox artist review
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But the overwhelming trend in recent years, exemplified by the likes of aer, roland and the original trace acoustic combos, has been for compact amps offering much easier portability yet often packing very healthy power. Despite the praises received from users, the mini has problems that many have encountered, as well.

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Enter the fishman loudbox mini and the problem is solved. Eq’d completely differently of course.

Fishman Loudbox Artist Review

However, the artist, besides the extra power, had the xlrs for both channels rather than just one and was the same price as the loudbox 100 [actually about $50 cheaper than where i got mine].I have been looking for a decent acoustic guitar amplifier for ages.I have the loudbox 100, the predecessor to the artist.I picked up the loudbox artist last year and i’ve been very pleased with it.

If you’re an acoustic player who rarely gigs out of the comfy confines of a coffeehouse, small restaurant, or bookstore, the fishman loudbox mini may be the only amp you need.It can be great as a practice amp, but it also delivers sound that can be good for certain types of performances.It is clean, light and gave me the full volume i need in most of my small settings.It works for a monitor if you put it on a chair or stool and don’t play too loud.

Its louder than the mini and can set at your feet points up towards you.Its sound quality is superb.It’s pretty loud, yet it can be easily lugged around and tuck away.It’s surprisingly loud, projects well, and responds to a dynamic touch at high or low volume.

Lots more power, and lots more.My main criteria were 2 channels, manageable weight, reasonably loud & phantom power for microphones.Overall user ratings (based on 13 ratings) overall:Read user reviews for fishman loudbox performer acoustic guitar amplifier 180 watts, 1×8 and see over 325,000 product reviews at

Sweeten your sound with onboard reverb, chorus, delay and more.The amp’s bass response is exemplary.The artist loudbox fully respects the grain of my guitars, and my voice, but with the addition of a scale and a higher quality, the sound is magnified, yet without being denatured.The eq section is really responsive, small adjustments can make a big impact on the tone.

The loudbox amps are among the handiest of the whole fishman family—small, light, easy to use, great sounding, and yes, sometimes pretty loud.The loudbox artist features two versatile channels that can each accept an instrument or mic input.The loudbox artist has more power and a few extra features that make it remarkably versatile.The loudbox artist is a great amp that has something to offer a wide range of guitarists.

The loudbox artist is designed to faithfully reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments and a diverse assortment of vocal or recorded accompaniments.The marshall as50d sounds good to, and heavier.The new fender acoustic amps are light and not so.The portability is certainly good.

The price seems good for what you get, but i don’t think it stands up against the top level acoustic amps.The sound quality is very good, the fx are good & it is an easy carry.This fishman is a wonderful amp, crisp clear ringing acoustic sound, the tones can be nicely shaped, a touch of reverb can be added (no reverb on the behringer) and blending the vox and fishman create beautiful complex tapestry, the round warm tones of the humbucker mixed with the ringing acoustic sound is beautiful.This loudbox fits the bill.

Took the fishman loudbox artist, which is a very small fishman amp, and put the upright through one channel, and the harps through a mic into the other channel.Users will be surprised by not only the sound quality but also how big the sound is from this compact unit.With 120 watts of power, this fishman acoustic amp fills the ro
om with gorgeous clean tone.With independent channel& effects level, reverb.

With its easy portability and big voice, the fishman loudbox artist would be a useful tool for most gigging guitarists and a good choice for home or studio.